TRAVEL: Throwback to Paris

13th September 2015

Last year my wonderful boyfriend took me to Paris for my 21st Birthday where he organised every little thing by himself. To this day, it is probably one of the most amazing things anyone has ever done for me and I was totally blown away.

Anyway, not having my blog last year I didn’t have the chance to write about the experience or share just a few of the photos I took. So I decided why not just do it now?

We stayed in the Dream Castle Hotel which was every bit as magical as it’s name. It was a white and pink building with turrets so you certainly felt like royalty! The rooms were large, bright and well furnished with everything you could need and the staff were very helpful.

A lot of our time in Paris was spent in The Disneyland parks but the day I’m going to talk about is the one where we ventured into the centre of Paris for the day. We knew we had a lot we wanted to do and see so got up nice and early. After a gorgeous breakfast at the hotel, we took the free bus that stopped outside the Disney hotels and headed to the train station. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t slightly confusing into Paris but we managed it eventually! 

We had done research and knew our best bet to see the highlights of the city was the hop on and hop off tour bus. I would suggest this to everyone who has limited time on their hands for sure. It was open top too, so if the weather is nice it’s even better. Headphones were included to plug in and listen to the tour in your chosen language. And as the name suggests, you simply hopped on and off the bus as you pleased. Because there were so many of the buses around, it was really up to you how long you spent at whichever landmark you so desired. Bearing in mind some of the places you could visit could only be viewed from the outside, this allowed plenty of time for us to get around everywhere we wanted. It was strange to see so many of the places you see in photos and films right in front of your eyes. Of course in those there aren’t swarms of people around! Regardless of the busy nature of the city, I was more than satisfied that we experienced everything the best we could.

Notre Dame de Paris

Arc de Triomphe

The Louvre Museum

Somewhere I knew we had to visit whilst in the city was Pont des Arts, or more commonly known as the love lock bridge. The whole idea with this bridge is that a couple would lock a padlock (usually decorated or bearing their names and date) to the bridge and throwing the key into the water below as a sign of their love. Now this sort of thing was right up my street, so after decorating our very own lock bright red, we followed the many couples searching for a spot to leave their declaration and naturally, took dozens of photos! That said, after part of the bridge collapsed due to the weight of all the padlocks, it has now become illegal to attach a padlock. Additionally, nearly one million padlocks are being removed! While obviously it’s disappointing, it is not worth making bridge unsafe and I’m glad we got to do it – even for a little bit!

Our final stop and quite possibly my favourite part of the whole day had to be the Eiffel tower. And not just because it was the Eiffel tower but because Matt had arranged for us to go up early evening. Being January at the time, this meant we got to see the magnificent view during the day and best of all, the sun setting over Paris before it descended into darkness where twinkling lights shone as far as the eye could see. It was just a wonderful – and yes I’ll say it, romantic! – experience. We stood there for as long as we could, drinking up the view as much as we possibly could. It’s made out of be a bit of a cliché experience, but I truly do believe it is something everyone should experience if they can.

Paris, at sunset.

I absolutely loved our trip to Paris which also included visiting Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to turn twenty one and loved every minute. I would definitely visit again but perhaps spend more time in the centre of Paris itself and take the time to really enjoy the culture a bit more.

Have you ever been to Paris? What would you like to do there?