How to stay Motivated

9th September 2015

Staying motivated is something that everyone at some point struggles with in life. Sometimes we just aren’t in the right mind frame to be able to push ourselves and this isn’t exactly surprising given all that life throws as us. So I decided to put together a post that may give a little assistance in staying motivated.

MAKING A CHANGE:Okay, this one can be really difficult. To some people (me included), deciding to make a change in your life can be really hard to do. Sometimes it’s just because you don’t like to shake up the status quo or maybe just because you’re worried about whether it’s the right thing to do. In this case, I would encourage you to write a list of positives that will come from this change. Normally you would write pros and cons but just focusing on the positives that can come of you taking the plunge is what you want to do here.

If you were eying up a job which was a complete career change, listing the benefits of going for this job would help keep you in a positive frame of mind. Examples could be things like ‘You’ll be much happier’ ‘This job would allow you to learn different skills which would strengthen your CV.’ Associating your decision with positivity will hopefully help you in making the leap to something you might otherwise find difficult.

GETTING SOMETHING DONE:This could range from something as simple as having to clean your whole house or perhaps finishing an essay that just isn’t getting done. Firstly, break whatever you have to do, down into sections. For the essay example, divide what you have to get done into chunks. This will make it a little easier to deal with as it won’t look so big and scary to tackle. Sometimes, when we look at a job we need to get done as a whole, the large scale of it can often be the thing that puts us of starting it so reducing this helps.

Also allow yourself short breaks in between too as you are more likely to work better this way. I also think allowing yourself a little treat is a good motivation to actually wanting to get something done. Whether that being a chocolate bar or an episode of your favourite show on Netflix at the end of it. You’ll find it’s much more enjoyable when you’ve achieved something you needed to do!


You’d think that once you got going, it should be easy to keep it up. Wrong. If you are one of those people that don’t need any encouragement on your journey, I applaud you! But for some of us it’s a little more difficult. Being on a health kick starts off relatively easy, but it’s when your in the middle that you start to slog and your enthusiasm can drop. Other people can be a great encouragement here. You could find a friend who is also aiming for a similar goal and use each other as support to keep going. Never under estimate the power of a friend. Or if that’s not an option, perhaps join an exercise class which is both a great way to meet likeminded people and to keep yourself firmly in the zone.

Something as simple as a check list can also help you stay on track. Again with the breaking stuff down, creating smaller goals which work towards the greater good can be really useful. There is something really satisfying about ticking something off your list and this should give you the surge you need to move onto the next one.

I hope this post has been of some used to some of you! Motivation isn’t always easy to summon – or keep when you finally get it – but it is certainly useful! Good Luck!