BAKING: Giant Cookie!

23rd September 2015

Now I love cookies. Any sort of cookies and I’ll be sniffing it out, ready to chomp down on one, just call me Angelica! (I really hope you get that reference!) So when hunting down for my next bake for Musings & More, a giant cookie seemed the obvious choice! If from the UK, you should be familiar with cookie shop called Millie’s Cookies and this tastes exactly the same. No more will I be shelling out £15 for one of theirs! This recipe is incredibly easy to do and takes no time at all to whip up. It also helps that it tastes bloody incredible!

This recipe has been adapted from BBC Good Food

You will need:

125g of softened butter
100g light brown sugar
125g caster sugar
1 egg
1 tsp of vanilla extract
225g self-raising flour
half a tsp of salt
200g of chocolate chips

1) You will need to preheat your oven to 180°C, gas mark 4

2) Cream the softened butter with the caster sugar and the light brown sugar. Once combined, crack in the egg and add the vanilla extract. It should up looking a bit like smooth peanut butter!

3) Sift in the flour and add the tsp of salt. Then stir in the chocolate chips. Mmm chocolate!

4) Lining a large baking tray with baking paper, gather up your stiff mixture into a giant ball and then pop this in the centre of your tray.

5) With a spoon, begin flattening out the cookie mixture with the back of a spoon in a round, cookie shape.

6) When you are happy with the shape and thickness of your cookie, stick it in the oven for 15-16 minutes. You leave it for less or more time depending how soft or crunchy you like it. I find 16 minutes works best!

7) If your cookie isn’t as circular as you would like, while it is warm place a round plate on the cookie and cut around it with a sharp knife. You can then wait for it to cool, though I love it when it’s warm as the chocolate chips are all melty!

We decided to decorate the cookie with buttercream but the choice is yours, you can really have fun with the design of this. We also found that cutting the giant cookie into pizza-like slices worked best for consumption!


I really hope you enjoy this recipe, it’s definitely a hit with the people I know who have eaten it and I know it’s one I will be coming back to again and again!