Wishlist – Summer Edition

5th August 2015
Summer wish list

Naked Smokey – As the proud owner (and lover) of
all three current Naked palettes, I feel it is necessary, no obligatory,
that I must have Naked Smokey too, so this is particularly high on my wish
list. Even the packaging is enough to make me drool, let alone the twelve
stunning shades. I need. Now.

Instax Mini 8 – I shouldn’t
want this, but I do. The camera roll for these things are pricey at around
£13.95 for a roll of 20 photos (I can practically hear Snapfish shuddering).
But I’ve always loved Polaroid pictures, not to mention the array ofpastel
colours it comes in means it even looks nice sitting on your shelf.

Charlotte Olympia slippers – I would probably actually start
eating my vegetables if it meant I could own a pair of these adorable pumps
from Charlotte Olympia. These could be paired with so many outfit combinations,
day or night. I daren’t do
more than drool over them, but a girl can dream right?

Retro Slush Maker – If
my boyfriend had let me, I would happily have gone and purchased this slush
maker by now. What’s more refreshing in Summer than a nice cool slush? Think of
the fun you could have! And the flavour combinations! And the red chrome matches my toaster
and kettle. It’s a match made in heaven.

Oreo Peanut Butter – I may
not have tasted these, but I don’t need to. Oreo? Peanut Butter? What’s not to
love? I will be eying my local supermarkets until they are in my stomach!

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