TRAVEL: A Trip to Scotland

Being a long drive from where we live, we decided to go up on the Sunday and stay in a hotel in Carlisle. The next day, we continued the journey and after picking up some groceries, we checked into the resort. We were staying in a gorgeous lodge, nestled deep in the trees. The rooms were spacious and comfortably kitted out with everything thing we could want. The best parts had to be the private sauna and hot tub – hidden away from any onlookers so you could really relax.

The resort had plenty of activities from you to choose from for a fee. Matt had brought along his clubs especially for their golf course and he was really impressed with it all. Together, we went along to archery which was good fun (I felt a bit like Katniss – except rubbish!) and hired out the tennis courts for an hour which were both a really reasonable price.

There is also a pool free to use for guests with a sauna, steam room and gym which are all really high quality facilities. Although we didn’t venture into the onsite restaurant ourselves, it sat overlooking the Piperdam’s loch and the menu sounded really lovely.

The true beauty of the place only hit us when we ventured up a mountain half way through the week. I’m not one for long walks (I was enticed by a particularly delicious picnic) but upon reaching the top and the view, I was so pleased we’d done it. The sun was shining, making everything even more beautiful and we settled down with our picnic to really enjoy our surroundings.

If you were thinking of booking Piperdam, I would advise you prepare for no internet whatsoever and very little phone signal at times but there is something quite nice about being out of touch with reality for a while. It’s easy to forget to look up from our various electric devices and really take in what is going on around us. And where better to do that than somewhere as picturesque?

Emily x

  • I love Scotland!!! Your pictures are gorgeous and the resort looks amazing!!


  • Gorgeous pictures, I haven't been to Scotland in years but this definitely makes me want to go back!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

    • Thanks! 🙂 And it's a good excuse as any to go! xx

  • Wow I love the view! Looks so green and beautiful, have to visit there at least once in my lifetime.

  • Pictures look great! I really want to visit Scotland!

  • The photography in this post is insanely good!! What camera do you use? It looks so scenic and blissful, it reminds me of when I went to Strathyr in Scotland, the UK really does have some beautiful places. We had an outdoor hot tub which was so relaxing after a long day hiking, wow this post is making me having holiday blues!

    Ruby xoxo

    • For these photos I actually only used a Canon powershot, I think the view did most of the work 😛 It really is stunning, makes me want to explore more of the U.K! Ahh me too, especially that hot tub! xx

  • oh scottland!! Such beautiful photos love it! I never been and would love to go one of these days!

  • These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! I want to go so badly!