Top Three Summer Reads

19th August 2015

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

Me Before You tells the thought-provoking story about a young woman called Lou who, after losing her job in a cafe, takes the role as carer of a quadriplegic named Will. Understandably, Will is very angry and bitter about the accident which halted his rich and lavish lifestyle. The book focuses on the relationship between Lou and Will and the momentous difference they make to each other’s lives.

It also brings up some interesting topics for discussion, which I won’t divulge for fear of ruining anything, but it certainly allows you insight to subjects you might not necessarily consider purely because you are lucky enough to not need to.

This is an engaging, endearing book to read that is also very sensitive to the subjects it concerns. Be prepared to get emotional though as the author makes it difficult to not get weepy. It is also being made into a film due out next year which I really hope does this brilliant book justice as it is a lot of people’s favourite book.

Big Little Lies – Liane Moriaty

Centred around a small primary school in an Australia suburb, Big Little Lies is the story of three women that become friends when their children start school together. All three women are very different, with their own problems and stories to tell. A variety of other parents at the school also dip in and out of dialogue. We learn from the beginning of the book that someone died at a school trivia night but we are unsure about who or why. The dialogue then dives back six months in time, building up the night of the trivia night.

I loved all three women in the book, who are all very believable as people. I was intrigued by each of their stories which were all very different and the way the characters were all linked together was also a nice touch. The book also features amusing police statements at the end of each chapter from fellow parents and teachers in the present day which allows us further insight into the situation. Overall, the author really manages to balance suspense and humour well in this novel which can often be difficult to do.

The Girls – Lisa Jewell

This book is set in a communal garden in the middle of the city, where the Wild family, Clare and her two daughters Grace and Pip move to after losing their home in a fire.

The garden was an element I really enjoyed as there are plenty of colourful characters who inhabit it to get to know, all with their own secrets, which adds to the mystery running throughout. You get a real sense through Lisa Jewell’s writing of what it is like to live in the bubble that is the garden. It is only when one of the characters is found unconscious that skeletons really begin to come out the closet and trust of one another is questioned.

We are taken through the story by a few different character, both adults and children which was something that worked well and gives you different points of views on the book’s events. This was the most recent book that I read and it was one that really kept me guessing throughout. I’d say it wasn’t probably wasn’t quite that big a surprise compared Big Little Lies but still a thoroughly entertaining read.