Photo Diary #1

26th August 2015
(From Left to Right)

1) I’m definitely the kind of girl that likes to wear boots all year round and I have a habit of clinging to a favourite pair, even when they are way past their best. My mum finally managed to wrestle my last pair from me and send me the photo of their final goodbye, I couldn’t help but laugh!

2) I so wanted Matt to buy this Minion onesie from Primark! It even had a little hood with goggles! We both love the Despicable Me films and are known for our collection of stuffed Minions rolling around in Matt’s car. The onesie, however, he did not purchase!

3) A trip to the Cath Kidston factory store led to much picking up things and putting them down again. With such cheap prices, it’s difficult to resist!

4) For about a week this month, I was obsessed with crisp sandwiches! My favourite was pickled onion monster munch crushed between buttered bread, mmm! What do you prefer? Or is it just me…

5) Introducing my gorgeous pup, Alfie! He is a Jack Russell crossed with a King Charles Cavalier and has the loveliest temperament! His huge brown eyes could melt absolutely anyone!

6) I spotted this helter skelter on a trip to Milton Keynes shopping centre at the weekend where they had a whole beach scene set up inside. I’ve never been on one but I’ve always felt a longing to!

7) TGI Friday’s does the best food and it was no exception when we stopped off to fill our bellies. Matt went for a chilli dog and I chose my favourite – the Jack Daniels glazed burger, it’s so yummy!

8) We booked tickets to see Shrek the Musical at Milton Keynes theatre and it was SO good! The cast were very talented and it was such a feel good, funny show with different songs from the film which was nice. The production element was incredible too, the way they did the dragon amazed me!

9) Back on the Minions theme, myself and Matt made these little shortbread biscuits. They don’t look too bad do they? Though I would hope so since they came out of a box set!


I can’t believe August is almost over, the summer months have gone so fast…what have you been up to this month?

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