August Favourites

29th August 2015

August is nearing it’s end which means one thing – it’s time for my August Favourites!


I was determined to hunt down the Lush store on Oxford High Street when we were in London recently and I’m surprised I managed to contain myself and only buy two bath bombs! It’s three floors of gorgeous smelling products and there’s so many new and different things to look at compared to your regular Lush store. I knew I had to contain myself so picked up the Experimenter and Intergalactic. Wanting to make the most of them, so far I’ve only used the Experimenter. This consists of five of the most vibrant colours that leaves your bath in a psychedelic frenzy. It’s truly mesmerising to watch and well, just look at the results below! As usual with lush products, your nose will thank you for the fragrant smell it leaves as you relax back into the warm water.


I finally caved and added the latest Naked palette to my collection and I have no regrets whatsoever. My best friend and I purchased Naked Smokey together online so when they both arrived we were both instantly texting one another swooning over the contents. We both agreed that the packaging of Naked Smokey has to be one of our favourite yet. It feels a lot more expensive and this time is see through, with swirls of smoke across the lid. The palette consists of twelve shades varying from matte to shimmer, so there really is a lot to play with. As usual with the naked palettes, the eye shadows are blendable and highly pigmented. The range of colours from dark to light mean there are various smoky combinations at your disposal, making it really easy to create the smoky eye so many of us desire. As usual, the palette comes with a duo-ended brush which is so soft and lovely to use with the shadows. I’m really looking forward to playing more with this palette, especially as the softer, summer make up begin to fade out ready for vampy winter looks.


When I was younger, I used to love keeping a diary (though looking back, my entries are rather embarrassing!) however as I grew up I just didn’t have the time to set aside to scrawl the ups and downs of my day onto paper so eventually I just stopped. So when I received One Line a Day last Christmas, it ticked all the right boxes! The idea is that every day for five years you write a tiny bit about your day and that’s it! Nobody can argue that it’s a difficult to find the time as it takes at most two minutes.

The hardest part I find is if I’ve had a boring, uneventful day and deciding what to put. I’ve been filling the book in for eight months now and I love flicking through it already, let alone when I’ll have five years worth to trawl through. I also like that it makes you sit back and consider your day as a whole and try to narrow down the most meaningful part you want to write about. I haven’t even mentioned the design of the book with it’s gold-leafed pages and soft cover. It’s also a great portable size to take with you anywhere if that’s what you fancy. This five year diary is in my August favourites after I realised just how much I enjoyed keeping a little memory from every day of my life.


I never like to stick to one particular shower gel as I like to mix things up and try different products. I have a little bunch of Soap & Glory products in my cupboard that I dip in and out of and the most recent product I picked was ‘Whipped Clean’ which is a body wash and moisturising butter in one! I’m all for saving time so I was a big fan of this product before I even tried it. It is a creamy consistency and noticeably softening. Plus the smell is divine: vanilla, almond and pistachio – you really do end up smelling delicious!


Okay, I know I’m very late to the game with this one, considering it was released in 2011 and all, but that’s what Netflix is for eh? Me and Matt have been devouring this drama series lately. We love a good whodunnit anyway but this series is full of twists and turns. We’re only on season two at the moment, but so far the story follows the murder of a young girl called Rosie in mysterious circumstances. We follow Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder who are investigating the case. When you think they’ve finally caught the killer, something else happens that completely throws the story in another direction, which is exactly what we love about it. If your looking for a new series to sink your teeth in, you should definitely give The Killing a go!


I feel like I say this all the time but how quickly has this month gone?! It’ll be Christmas before we know it! What have you been loving this August?

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