REVIEW: The Ivy Chelsea Garden

30th July 2015

As it was my boyfriend’s Birthday, we decided to head to London for the day to celebrate. After some shopping (obviously!), we made our way to Chelsea for some dinner.

I’d never been to that area of London before and all I really knew of it was what I’d briefly seen through snippets of a certain reality show. It’s certainly a grand, gorgeous place, with tall white houses which I was dying to know what they looked like inside.

I’d booked the Ivy Chelsea Garden months in advance after seeing a few bloggers talking about it and it was everything I could have hoped. Inside the restaurant was stunning itself, but then we were led outside to the garden which was the real gem. I had specially asked beforehand to be seated outside and was so glad I had done so. Tables and sofas were spaced well apart around a fountain in the garden and greenery surrounded us from all angles, winding up and above our heads. We were kept warm with heaters and there was a large basket of blankets for you to snuggle under just in case. I love to eat outside, but the weather in England doesn’t often allow me that pleasure so this was absolutely perfect.

Now onto the food! We skipped starters and headed straight for the mains. The menu was plentiful with a great range to choose from. My boyfriend ordered the rack of lamb which was gorgeous and tender while as usual, I went for the steak which came with egg and chips. It wasn’t my favourite steak but it was more the seasoning that wasn’t to my liking!

The best part of the meal however had to be dessert! Being a major chocoholic, it didn’t take me long to pick the chocolate bombe. As the menu reads: Melting chocolate bombe with milk foam, vanilla ice cream
and honeycomb centre with hot salted caramel sauce.
I was in heaven! So many of my favourite things in one dish. It wasn’t cheap for a dessert, but totally worth it. When the waitress came over with it, I was a little confused as to why she started pouring the caramel sauce for me, but then it made sense as the top half of chocolate began to melt to reveal the ice cream and honeycomb inside. Naturally, I whipped out my phone! Words couldn’t possibly describe the taste for you, but the mixture of textures: warm, cold, soft, crunchy and sweet truly made this dish one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. When I was finished (holding myself back from licking round the bowl in front of all the Chelsea socialites), I couldn’t help but feel disappointed the experience was over!

Overall, our experience at The Ivy Chelsea Garden was really enjoyable. We couldn’t fault the staff who were lovely and attentive and the restaurant itself was stunning. I would definitely recommend anyone to head there if your spending time in London, it’s well worth it!


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