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Confessions of a control freak

You know how you’re consciously aware of certain elements of your personality? You might be shy, pessimistic or maybe really confident. Well, I’ve always known that part of me could be considered quite controlling. Now let me be clear, I’m not someone who tries to controls other people – we’re not talking that level of control, don’t worry. It’s more to do with myself on a personal basis. Like the fact that I don’t like being out of control and in my eyes, the only way to get around that is by controlling what I can and when I can. A couple of weeks ago while we were selling our house, while I was well aware I already had a lot on my plate with recently taking on a new job at work, I quickly turned down my partners offer of him being the one that our estate agents contacted for viewings or anything else they needed from us. I knew that I needed to be the one to oversee everything – not because I don’t trust anyone else but because I feel so much better being the one who is handling everything, seeing for myself that things are getting…

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