Sunday, 30 October 2016

A Magical Woodland Hideaway at North Star Club

I love writing blog posts but you know when you get really excited to write a post? Yeah, that. That is just how I felt about pulling together the very contents of what you are reading now. I knew our stay at the North Star Club was going to be unique (my very favourite kind of UK getaway), but I had no idea just how much I was going to fall in love. 


Sunday, 23 October 2016


If you haven't seen the first part of our trip to Rome, you can take a look here! 

The streets of Rome are certainly something to behold. While it's wonderful being able to visit the tourist attractions you hear about all the time, it's even better to discover the parts you don't get told about. It was important to Matt and I that we left time to just wander around and follow the streets wherever they might take us. Because that's the beauty of Rome, I don't think we came to a dead end once! We walked and walked, our chins often tilted up as we gazed at the beautiful buildings that were so common in Rome. There were restaurants aplenty, crammed down narrow cobbled streets while you were serenaded with music. It's no wonder Rome is known as such a romantic city, it positively hung in the air. Couples with entwined fingers drank wine while it was common to see a proposal or two each day. 


Sunday, 16 October 2016


I appreciate it must not seem that long since I was telling you all about our trip to Barcelona but I am back with another travel post, but this time all about Rome! Again, it's been split into two parts due to me not wanting a post you'll have to scroll for days through. 

Matt has wanted to go to Italy for quite a while, even going so far as attempting to teach himself some of the language. I’ve always heard great things and knew it was always going to be somewhere I would like to visit. So when we found we had the time and funds to go to Italy, the one struggle we had was exactly whereabouts. We darted between Florence, Venice, and Rome, each holding beautiful and distinguishing features that tempted us. We settled on Rome, simply because we knew exactly what it had to offer and everything slotted into place smoothly, the flights were perfect and the hotel looked divine. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016


If you don't know already, back in May I was made a QBlogger which is essentially a blogger for my local shopping centre Queensgate (you can read more about it here) and as part of this, we are all often set fun challenges to compete within Queensgate where we get to showcase the results to you, our readers. 

We had all been eagerly awaiting the next one after having such a good time at the last and finally we received an email requesting us to meet at Pret A Manger for further instruction. So there we all met with a free drink courtesy of Pret to await our challenge! The task was simple: create a winter wishlist of ten different presents we would want to find under the Christmas tree. These had to come from at least six different retailers and suit a range of budgets. We also needed to find our 'ultimate present', right at the top of our Christmas list.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


When myself and Kat from Laydey Katabella were invited by Boots (for my non-UK based readers, Boots is a huge health and beauty retailer) to discover 'The Emporium' on a Thursday night it's safe to say we were mystified about what we were actually attending. We were two of a select number of bloggers amongst Boots super-fans invited to the event which made it even more exciting. Immediately upon stepping into the store we were welcomed with glasses of bubbly and raspberry lemonade before heading up the escalator and onto the red carpet! 

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