Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ten things I'd tell my younger self

Yep, that's me. Not twelve, but you get the idea.
Growing up is hard. Like, really hard. I remember occasionally wishing that I could be young and care free again but when I think about it, there was definitely a lot about childhood I wouldn't want to relieve again. Like that unsure, almost awkward stage. I found myself caught in a daze recently, wondering, if I had the power to, what I would reassure myself when I was child. How nice it would be to calm my panicky self with a few words about how everything is going to work out. 

And naturally, I decided to share that with you lovely lot! So here are ten things I wish I could tell my younger self at twelve years old...

Sunday, 11 September 2016


I think we've all been guilty of using a package baking mixture. While I do always try and do every step myself, there is no denying that there is something really satisfying about being able to buy packets which will produce gooey chocolate chip cookies or fluffy cupcakes both quickly and easily. I really don't think there is anything wrong with using these and the results are often just as delicious.  

When Delicious Alchemy, a company who provide a wide range of gluten free products including baking mixes got in touch, I was raring to go. To make it clear, I am not gluten intolerant in any way, shape or form. I do however emphasise how rubbish it can be to find out your gluten intolerant or perhaps coeliac. Gluten is probably in most of the food I eat so I know I'd find it a struggle if it was me and I know people who are taking steps to remove gluten from their diets and who find it difficult. I think that is why I was so keen to do this post, I wanted to show that gluten free products can be cheap, easy and most of all tasty and Delicious Alchemy ticked all three boxes.


Sunday, 4 September 2016


So here we are for part two of my trip to Barcelona! If you missed the first part where I spoke about where we stayed and Sagrada Familia, you can check it out here. As I explained, there felt too much to put into one post so I've split into two for you. I'm going to continue this post with what else we got to on our little getaway.

Sunday, 28 August 2016


I am very fortunate to have a wonderful boyfriend who is very good at surprises. As I've written about on Musings & More, for my 18th birthday he took me to Paris and for my 23rd this year, he surprised me with a trip to New York! Both of which were mind blowing trips that he had carefully crafted, knowing how much I had longed to go. But while it is so lovely to be surprised, sometimes you want to be the one making your other half beam in such a way that only something unexpectedly wonderful can do. So in February, about a month after we had returned for New York, I started plotting. Because now it would be Matt's turn to be wowed, or so I hoped!


Sunday, 21 August 2016


Blogging is hard work. Whether you are a full time blogger, living and breathing your craft, or you do it as much as you can, juggling your little space on the internet alongside work, children and just life. I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that as a blogger, I don't think you ever really switch off. With a 'normal' job, a lot of the time (career depending), you can leave your work at the door and focus on meaningless things, perhaps what you'll have for dinner or what Netflix show you'll start. But with blogging your mind is always ticking, always sifting through ideas or lists of what you have to do for your latest posts. You can be the most organised of bloggers with scheduled posts up until March but I'd hazard a guess that you are still always thinking. 

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